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How do I use Squeezzee The Soap Filled Sponge?

Step 1: Place Squeezzee under running water - wet thoroughly

Step 2: Squeeze one, two, or more times to activate the soap

Step 3: Use Squeezzee to clean. Repeat steps 1 and 2 and repeat cleaning process

Step 4: Rinse Squeezzee and let dry

How many dishes can I wash with my sponge?

Up to 300* washes per sponge.

*Amount of washes vary based on how much soap you use each washing.

Is my sponge dishwasher safe?

No. In order to retain the soap in your sponge it is best to squeeze and rinse your sponge after use.

Can I add more soap to my sponge?

You can not refill the Squeezzee Sponge. However, you may continue using the sponge for your daily household washing needs.

What kind of soap is in my sponge?

Squeezee's soap is a lemon scented, powerful grease cutting formula, and is mold resistant.


Squeezzee Clean Packs are only returnable in an un-used, complete set. Defective or damages sponges will be replaced at the Company’s discretion. Replacement Requests can be sent to Support@TZGroupint.com.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions are cancelable at anytime. However, because subscriptions are significantly discounted, certain cancellation fees may apply. If you are not compliant with the following terms, your credit card will be charged the difference between the regular posted price, and the discounted subscription price (plus applicable sales tax):

Monthly Subscriptions: Must have accepted at least 9 monthly deliveries.

Quarterly Subscriptions: Must have accepted at least 3 quarterly deliveries.

Bi-Annual Subscriptions: Must have accepted at least 2 bi-annual deliveries.

Annual and 18 Month Subscriptions: Must have accepted at least 2 annual deliveries.

Any questions or concerns about the return or subscription policies can be directed to Support@TZGroupint.com

Thank you for becoming a Squeezzer!

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